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Join the Industrial Workers of the World

An Injury to One is an Injury to All


About us

The IWW is a worker-led union dedicated to direct action, workplace democracy, and industrial unionism.
IWW members are organizing to win better conditions today and to build a better world tomorrow.


Why join the union?

The easiest way to improve our jobs and strengthen our communities is to join a union. That is why employers fight so hard to keep unions out. Workers with unions generally have higher pay, job security, better benefits, and fewer scheduling problems. Union workplaces are safer and have less harassment, discrimination, and favoritism. This is because a union gives workers the power to make workplace decisions. 


Who can join?

As long as you are a worker, not an employer, you can join. We also do not organize police or prison guards.  

Members of other unions (except officers), students, retirees, unemployed, self-employed, those in informal professions, and those unable to work may also join.

You can choose an Industrial Union based on your current job, and you can read about how the IWW is structured in One Big Union.

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