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Our History

The IWW has a very rich and colorful history (with as many cultural traditions as we have political contributions to the class struggle) and we continue to have a vibrant organization and culture today.


Positions and traditions

IWW Cultural Icons - including the nickname "Wobbly", Joe Hill, The Little Red Songbook, Free Speech Fights, Hoboes, The Black Cat, The General Strike, and more!

Minutes of the Founding Convention of the IWW - Travel back to late June / early July 1905 when the founding took place.  

Chronology of the IWW's History - Get a glimpse of the IWW's most significant moments from its conception to the present.

IWW Union Dictionary - Here we explain much of the slang used by the IWW today and throughout its rich and colorful history.

An Annotated Bibliography of Books on the IWW (PDF File) - Compiled by Steve Kellerman, Revised June 2007.

IWW Documents Library - a thorough collection of documents about the IWW, by IWW members and non-members, organized by author.

IWW Campaigns - a list of significant IWW campaigns, either targeting specific industries or focusing on specific issues.

IWW Resolutions - a list of significant resolutions passed by the IWW membership and/or General Executive Board/

IWW Biography - a gallery of famous (and not-so-famous) wobblies, their stories & contributions to the IWW, and abolition of wage slavery.

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