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Why IWW? 

Aligning our Goals and Values

Fighting Racism

Since 1905, the IWW was the only union to include communities of color while other unions only organized white people. The IWW is, and will always be, antiracist.

Dues are low for a reason.

The IWW does not pay six-figure salaries to its officers, so we can afford to keep dues at an inclusive range. Depending on your income, dues are $11, $22, or $33 per month. 

We Fight Exploitation

The IWW has always been a union fighting against capitalist exploitation. But the union has members from every background, from Appalachia to Seattle.

Self Determination

Locals have a lot of independence. So long as our objectives and tactics do not conflict with the IWW Constitution and General Bylaws, we manage ourselves. 

No Cops. No Landlords.

The IWW does not organize police, prison guards, or private security. We also do not organize landlords. The IWW is by and for the working-class. 

The Committees

The IWW goes beyond the workplace. The IWW is home to the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, the General Defense Committee, and the Gender Equity Committee.

No Lobbying for Politicians

The IWW does not lobby for politicians. Who you vote for is none of our business. We only ask that you adhere to the Safer Space Policy.

Organizing Industrially

The IWW is an industrial union. We do not stop at just the attorneys. We include all non-supervisory workers to build a much greater collective voice. 

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