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Members of IU-650:

Let's Build an Industrial Union


What is an Industrial Union?

Simply put, an Industrial Union (IU) is a collective of wage workers in a given industry. If your RedCard says IU-650, you are designated to the General, Legal, Public Interest, and Financial Office Workers Industrial Union.


To form an IU, at least 100 members in good standing must be on board, and at least 51 signatures of those members are required. 

IU-650 members can live in different areas, belong to different General Membership Branches, or simply be at-large members. 


If you are a member of IU-650 and want to build industrially, hit us up!

Thanks for submitting!


IU-650 is currently dormant, so our initial goal is to get enough interested folks together to build a committee and charter the union. 

Not sure if you're IU-650?

Check your physical RedCard or visit the RedCard site below to find out. 

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